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༄།། ཡུ་རོབ་བོད་ཀྱི་སྨན་ཁང་།།་ – European Center for Traditional Tibetan Medicine ECTTM – Amchi* Dorjee Tseten Bhutia (*Doctor in Tibetan Medicine) – Consultations, courses and seminars – Traditional Tibetan Medicine | Healing through Tibetan Medicine in Europe

Pulse Reading Preparations:
Your Consultation with a Tibetan Therapist (Amchi)

Tibetan medicine is based on a very systematic and logical framework that shows a complete understanding of the body and its relationship to the environment and practicing more than 2000 years.

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We work on 3 basic principles energies rLong (wind), Tripa (bile), and Badken (Phlegm), which is very similar as Ayurvedic Vata, Pitta and Kapha or Chinese Chi, Yang and Yin based on external five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Internal our organisms of five solid organs and six hollow organs.

Herbal supplements are made of pure herbs and minerals which are collected from high Himalaya mountains and formulated by high qualified Tibetan Amchis, (doctors) these pills helped to the main root causes without any side effects.


There are three diagnostic techniques Pulsation, (Visual diagnoses: urine, tongue, ear and total structure of the body) and Interrogations.

  • Consultations for general Illnesses body and mind.
  • Consultation for preventing and improving better qualities of the life.
  • Consultation for constitutional and its diet and behaviour advices.
  • Consultation for energy equilibriums.


Before you come to Tibetan therapist, if you did not follows preliminatory diets and behaviours one night before then its influences your natural urine and pulse.

Therefore, you are not allowed eat very heavy food, fasting, vitamins, sour drinks such as orange juices, lemon juices and alcohol, not strong physical and mentally activities at least one day before you come to Tibetan doctor.
On the consultation day to be use light breakfast and lunch, you must come to the tibetan amchi at least ten minutes before start your consultation.

The tibetan therapist will tell you your constitutional relation between body mind and energy, its dietary patterns, behaviours patterns if necessary Tibetan Herbal supplements it cost 36 to 39 Euros for per month.

Collect your Urine:

Please bring your first morning urine in clean transplant container such as bottle or you can buy from the pharmacy, urine must be half full only.

Informations about taking tibetan pills and jewl pills: Men-Tsee-Khang

If you need more information and wish to continue your perceptions, please contact on this address: Tibetan Health Centre,
Phone: 0031 630 200459. 0031 035 5338145

Urine Diagnosis

Urine diagnosis.
photo above: Amchi Bhutia reading
a patient´s pulse


nederlands deutsch imprints